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Welcome To Your

Free Audio Reflections

How To Listen

Click on the image of the card. It will take you to the media player web page. You will see a grid of files representing Audio Reflections available for listening. Reflections for each book are added daily so there may be only one or many.  Click on a file to listen.

If you have already subscribed, you are all set to listen. For convenience, bookmark the media player web page and have it remember your login.

To subscribe, click the subscribe button. If you have an un-redeemed coupon code like the one on the front of a physical card, enter that and click "validate". Complete the form and you're done. No payment needed with a coupon code.  If you don't have a code, you can purchase a subscription here as well.  

You will have access to all of the audio for the book for 6 months.  The next season's book will have its own QR code and set of coupon codes. Each liturgical season, look for a card at your church or wherever you found us before. Your login information will be the same, so just sign in next time instead of completing the form.  Again, use the code or purchase a subscription for the new book.  

Help and FAQs about your 
subscription and/or billing are available on the media player web page in the menu bar.
For more information about Little Books, visit
Little Books audio reflections and digital print versions are also available on the Little Books App (Apple and Google Play) with an in-app subscription.

Happy Listening

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